Sunday, 21 February 2010

Xomobo releases first channel newsletter

Xomobo is sending the first newsletter out to channel partners to introduce the launch of the Durabook semi rugged notebooks. The newsletter will introduce new ranges and brands of products to our customers, as the company is concentrating on expanding it's business through distribution of mobile and wireless computing solutions. Xomobo has relationships with a number of manufacturers that provide the latest technologies.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Xomobo launches Durabook semi rugged notebooks

Xomobo is pleased to announce the launch of the Durabook semi rugged notebooks and rugged tablet PC products from Twinhead. The releases of the U14M and S15ST5 semi rugged notebooks will bring a new dimension to the business and complement the existing rugged PDA devices within the product portfolio.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Xomobo is Pleased to Announce Perlego to Offer Their Mobile Device Management Solution for Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Java and Palm

Xomobo has partnered with Perlego to launch their device management solution for companies looking to roll out large numbers of mobiles devices. Perlego's Mobile Device Management solution is for Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Java and Palm PDAs and Smartphones.

Perlego’s Mobile Device Lifecycle Management solution provides everything required to help you deploy next generation devices quickly, improve business velocity while eliminating down time during the service life of the device, and smooth the transition, whether planned or necessitated by loss or theft, to the next device.Deploy in Minutes – with web access to a secure hosted domain managing your devices and client software that doesn’t require configuration, you can be up and running on Perlego in minutes, not weeks or months.

Handle All of your Devices – whether you are using devices running on Symbian®, Palm® or Microsoft® operating systems, or any combination of those, Perlego can manage them all in one application, over the air. Even if they are using different cellular service providers, you only need one solution – Perlego.

Scalable to Meet your Needs – it doesn’t matter if you are managing 5 or 5,000 devices, the Perlego Mobile Device Lifecycle Management solution works easily, quickly and affordably.

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management
Xomobo provides you everything needed to manage a mobile device throughout its useful life. Starting with Deployment, continuing on through the Service Life and transitioning at Termination, Perlego has the functionality, flexibility and affordability to address all of your requirements

In the past, making sure a new mobile device was set up correctly before it was put into use by an employee involved hours of setting the correct user configurations, loading approved applications and applying the most recent updates manually or by tethering to the IT administrator’s computer. This drain on resources meant slower release of these devices into practical use and a high chance of error due to manual input.

Perlego's Lifecycle Management solution allows you to apply configurations and install applications over the air, without manual intervention. Set up one device or configure whole classes of devices in minutes – and never require the user to do anything. Turn your next generation mobile devices into true productivity tools right from the start.

Service Life
Making sure that next generation devices live up to their potential means two things: 1) utilizing them to accelerate business velocity, and 2) minimizing their down time.

Business Velocity - Mobile devices are maximizing their value to an enterprise when they can deliver to the user the information they need, when they need it. Perlego’s Mobile Device Lifecycle Management solution gives you the power to create customized download catalogs for your users. Make files available to all of your users, logical groups of employees or even an individual device.

Perlego gives you the tools to quickly distribute graphics, sounds, media files, Microsoft Word® documents, Excel® spreadsheets or PowerPoint® slides directly to the device. Provide them as a user-initiated optional download or mandate their distribution as a remote administrator-triggered “push” to the device. More reliable than email attachments and with an audit trail of who did, and did not, access the files.

Additionally, you can assure that user data will survive even a catastrophic event such as a hard reset. With the backup and restore capabilities Mobiliseyouroffice provides, users can make sure more than just your contacts and calendar remain in tact. Other documents, files and applications can be backed up as well. Users can manually execute a backup, schedule the backup sessions to happen regularly or the administrator can trigger a backup of the device remotely as well. If the device crashes or becomes corrupted, simply restore from the most recent backup set. Users can even restore their PIM data from one type of device to another (for example, from a PocketPC to a Symbian device).

IT Resources
When a mobile device has issues, it can be frustrating and costly to have the employee call support and be talked through solving their problem. It can be even more expensive to take the device out of service, ship it to the IT department, manually correct the issue and ship it back. Can you really afford to manage your devices this way?

With Perlego’s Mobile Device Lifecycle Management solution, you can diagnose and solve problems over the air without ever taking the device out of service. Reset configuration files, update user settings, apply patches, install applications or even revoke access to the data on the device from the administrative console. Some clients estimate they have reduced 60% of the calls they take for mobile device support by using the Mobile Device Lifecycle Management solution.

Sometimes the end of a mobile device's useful life within a company is a planned event. More often than not, it isn’t. Either way, Perlego’s Mobile Device Lifecycle Management solution lets you smooth the transition from one device to the next.

One of the biggest risks to the organization is when a mobile device is lost or stolen that holds confidential data. In that case, Perlego lets you status the device and take action. Backup the data on the device, if it hasn’t been done recently, and then secure the device. Lock it over the air and make sure unauthorized personnel cannot access your data or even use the phone.
Just as importantly, Perlego helps you keep that employee productive; allowing you to deploy the next device with all of the critical data, applications and user settings they had before.

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Friday, 19 December 2008

Xomobo Limited have just launched their new ecommerce web site specilaising in sales of PDAs, Smartphones, RIM Blackberry, GSM fax machines, Voice-over-IP (VOIP), Bluetooth, 3G / GPRS, wireless LAN, GPS navigation systems, memory, Push email, mobile connectivity software, mobile phone / data airtime contracts, vehicle / asset tracking solutions, rugged notebooks, rugged tablet PCs, rugged PDAs, UMPCs and RFID devices.